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Bean, Adzuki

Bean, Beurre de Rocquencourt

Bean, Cherokee Cornfield Pole

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Small, oval, dark red, dried beans with white eyes. An Asian heirloom, commonly boiled with sugar for use in desserts.
(vigna angularis)
Long, round, slender, pale, nearly translucent yellow pods. Very tender, succulent, buttery flavour. Dried seeds are shiny black. Named for the town of Rocquencourt, France. Brought to France from Algeria in the 1840s.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Multicoloured pods. Some green, some white with brugundy speckles. Dried beans are mixed white, burgundy and brown. Excellent bean to plant with corn.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Ontario Seed Libraries

Bean, Cherokee Trail of Tears

Bean, Cocoa Nain

Bean, Comtesse de Chambord

Round, long, green pods dry burgundy colour with shiny black beans. A Native American heirloom. The Cherokee people carried these seeds with them during their forced relocation in the 1800s.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Green, wide podded fresh bean. Round, white, plump dried beans. Good flavour and consistency. Strong, bushy, healthy plants. Heirloom from France.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Very thin, tender, long, green filet bean. Tiny white seeds. From the Vilmorin Andrieux Seed Company in France, 1885.
(phaseolus vulgaris)

Bean, Deseronto

Bean, Henderson's Bush Lima

Bean, Jacob's Cattle

Medium size, fine grained, geen pods. Large, oblong, creamy white dried bean. Bush bean with 3' runners. A Mohawk heirloom from the Tyendinaga community, near Napanee.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Short, green pods each contain three light green beans. Dried beans are flattened, smooth, white. Smooth, buttery consistency. From Peter Henderson and Co, 1888.
(phaseolus lunatus)
Medium size, stringless green pods. Dried white, kidney shaped beans have bright maroon speckles that resemble the spotting pattern on a holstein cow. Heirloom from the East Coast.
(phaseolus vulgaris)

Bean, Mayflower Pole

Bean, Montpellier
French Filet

Bean, Orca
(Ying Yang/Calypso)

Slender, 4-5" pods fatten with small block shaped beans. Cried beans are dark cream colour, sprayed with burgundy on one side. Pilgrims brought these beans to America around 1620.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Round, slender, tender, stringless pods. Succulent, fine flavoured green bean. Heirloom from France.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Round, green, medium size pods are tasty when small. Dried bean is swirled in half with black and white like the orca whale.
(phaseolus vulgaris)

Bean, Portuguese Broad

Bean, Thibideau Compte
de Beauce

Bean, Purple Podded Pole

Fat, long, downy, purple pods turn dark green to black, and leathery, resembling an avacado skin, as they dry. Dried beans are tan coloured, plump and have indented centres. Plants are upright, 36" tall. Beans grow upwards from main single stems on plants. Broad beans were grown in the Mediterranean region over 5000 years ago.
(vicia faba)
Long, round, tender purple pods turn green when cooked. Heirloom from the Ozark mountains in the 1930s.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Wide, flat, green pods develop streaks of burgundy as beans mature. Kidney shaped dried beans are burgundy and brown. Old Quebec heirloom.
(phaseolus vulgaris)

Bean, Tongue of Fire

Bean, Trionfo Violetta

Wide, flattened, green pods with bright pink striping. Dried beans are beige with burgundy speckles. Sprawling plants. Italian heirloom.
(phaseolus vulgaris)
Dark, rich, purple, 7-10" pods. Stringless, slender, crisp. An Italian variety, translated as purple triumph.
(phaseolus vulgaris)

Cucumber, Boston Pickling

Cucumber, Long Green

Cucumber, Early Russian

Dark green, thin skin. Crisp, white flesh. Pick up to 6" long for fresh use or pickles. An heirloom from 1880.
(cucumis sativus)
Medium green, juicy, crisp, 8-10" long cucumber. Grows well in variable weather conditions. A Russian heirloom.
(cucumis sativus)
Long, slender, 8-12", attractive, dark green cucumber with tapered ends.
(cucumis sativus)

Cucumber, Marketmore

Dark green, crisp, 8-9" cucumber. Grows reliably.
(cucumis sativus)

Broccoli Raab, Rapini

Greens, Arugula

Broccoli, Calabrese Early Sprouting

Elongated oka leaf like shape, medium green leaves with long fingers. Earthy, full, peppery flavour.
(eruca vesicaria)
Green, strong, vigorous, hardy plants. Heads grow large and regrow on side shoots after picking. Italian heirloom from the 1880s.
(brassica oleracea)
Mini leafy broccoli, 4-6" tall with single, little heads. Quick to grow. Pick and use entire plant as you would broccoli.
(brassica rapa)

Greens, Kale, Black Tuscan

Greens, Kale, Blue Curled Scotch

Greens, Kale, Red Russian

Very large, 36" tall. Dark, oblong, shaped leaves. Heirloom from Tuscany, Italy from the early 1800s.
(brassica oleracea)
Blue green, crinkled leaves. Compact 12" plants.
(brassica oleracea)
Oak shaped frilled green leaves with a red colour highlight. Stems are darker burgundy colour. Plants 18" tall. Brought to Canada by Russian traders before 1885.
(brassica oleracea)

Kale, Siberian

Greens, Mizuna

Greens, Mustard, Purple Osaka

Frilled, medium green, crisp leaves. 12-18" plants. Tastes like turnips.
(brassica rapa)
Also known as Chinese Mustard Greens. Medium green, feathery leaves with a slightly spicy flavour. 24" tall plants.
(brassica juncea)
Large, dark green with burgundy shading on leaves. Small leaves are sweet and spicy, larger leaves strong and  pungent flavoured. A Japanese variety.
(brassica juncea)

Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing

Spinach, Giant Nobel

Greens, Swiss Chard, Rainbow

Dark green, thick, glossy, savoyed leaves. Introduced in 1826 by Landreth Seed Co., improved in 1925.
(spinacia oleracea)
Very large, tender, forest green, oblong leaves on very large plants that spread to 2'. From 1926.
(spinacia oleracea)
Pink, yellow, orange, red and white stems. Leaves are lime to dark green, some burgundy. Mild, beet like flavour..
(beta vulgaris)

Lettuce, Bronze Arrowhead (Bronze Beauty)

Lettuce, Blonde du Cazard

Lettuce, Arctic King

Light green, crinkled leaves. Good for fall planting. 10-12" heads. Butterhead lettuce.
(lactuca sativa)
Oak shaped, green leaves with brown speckles. Soft but crisp, buttery leaves grow up to 12" long. American heirloom. Leaf lettuce.
(lactuca sativa)
Medium green, 10" leaves. Butterhead variety from France.
(lactuca sativa)

Lettuce, Buttercrunch

Lettuce, Dark Green Romaine

Bright green, loosely folded 10-12" rosette shaped heads. Tender leaves, mild flavour. Developed at Cornell University during the 1960s. Butterhead lettuce.
Long, deep green leaves. 10-12" rosette shaped heads. Yellow-white heart. Tender leaves, mild flavour. Developed at Cornell University during the 1960s.

Lettuce, Forenschelles

Lettuce, Gotte Jaune D'Or

Lettuce, Dutch Brown Winter

Large, green, floppy, tender leaves have a brown tinge that increases in cool weather. Grows into a loose head. Butterhead variety.
(lactuca sativa)
Oval, green leaves with deep red speckles that resemble the spotting pattern on trout. Tender interesting and delicious. Translated as speckled trout. Old Austrian heirloom. Romaine lettuce.
(lactuca sativa)
Small, 5", light green, wavy leaves, loosely formed head. Head tightens a few days before bolting, thisis the bet time for harvesting. A miniature butterhead variety from France. Also called Golden Tennis Ball.
(lactuca sativa)

Lettuce, Lolla Rossa

Lettuce, Hungarian Winter

Lettuce, Henderson's Black  Seeded Simpson

10-12" heads. Green leaaves tipped and speckled with pink. Colour fades in heat. Cold tolerant, has overwintered in an Ottawa greenhouse. A butterhead variety from Hungary.
(lactuca sativa)
Frilly, deep burgundy red leaves form a loose head. Slower growing lettuce that prefers to be planted once the soil warms. Leaf lettuce that forms a loose head.
(lactuca sativa)
Light green, slightly frilled, 8-10" leaves form a loose head. Crisp, good flavour. A leaf lettuce from Peter Henderson and Co., 1870s.
(lactuca sativa)

Lettuce, Yugoslavian Butterhead

Lettuce, Pink Oak Leaf

Lettuce, Red Romaine

Medium green leaves blushed with a pink colour. Fingerlike, elongated tips of leaves resemble oak leaves. Tender and Crisp. Also called blushed icy oak.
(lactuca sativa)
Upright, crisp leaves. 10-12" tall. Crisp, slightly sweet. Grow into well formed heads.
(lactuca sativa)
Green leaves have pink blushing in cool weather. Tender, wavy leaves form a loose, 10-12" head. Butterhead variety.
(lactuca sativa)

Peas, Alaska

Peas, Champion of England

Peas, Corne de Belier

Garden pea. Small, green pods. Medium sized, sweet, crunchy peas. Early to bear. 3-4' vines. Heirloom from 1880.
(pisum sativum)
Snow pea. Wide, large pods. Tender and delicious. Long, strong vines. Harvest before peas fatten inside pods. French variety from before 1860.
(pisum sativum)
Sweet, bright green peas in slightly curved, green pods. Long vines. origins in Kent, England during the 1840s.
(pisum sativum)

Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod

Peas, Sweet Ann

Peas, Tall Telephone

Snap pea. Medium green, 2-3" plump pods. Can eat the pods, or just the peas inside them. Peas grow on 24" plants.
(pisum sativum)
Garden pea. Large, bright green pods. Peas are large, round, sweet and crispy. Many peas per pod. 6-8' vines. Introduced in 1881.
(pisum sativum)
Snow pea. Large, thick, tender, 4-5" pods. Plants grow to 36" tall. An heirloom from Oregon State University.
(pisum sativum)

Peppers, Earliest Red

Peppers, Boldog Hungarian Paprika

Peppers, Bullnose

Large, red, bell shaped peppers with a rounded bottom. Thick, crisp, sweet, juicy flesh. Great for BBQ and roasting.
(capsicum annuum)
Red, bell shaped peppers witha  slight point on the end. Small to medium size. Early to ripen. Sweet and juicy.
(capsicum annuum)
Thin walled, red 5-6", elongated pepper. Sweet with a little heat. Can be used fresh in cooking. Dried peppers can be ground into a very aromatic paprika. Heirloom from Boldog, Hungary.
(capsicum annuum)

Peppers, Miniature Chocolate Bell

Peppers, Paradicsom Alaku Sarga Szentes

Peppers, Pepperone de Cuneo

Dark reddish brown, 1-2" peppers grow plentifully on 24" plants. Rich, dark flavour. Good for containers or in the garden.
Golden yellow, 4", flat,round, deeply ridged  peppers. Thick, crisp, juicy flesh with a rich, sweet flavour.  Grow plentifully and ripen mid-August to frost.
An heirloom from Szentes, Hungary.
(capsicum annuum)
Nearly round, red and yellow, 4" peppers with very thick flesh, nearly solid. From the town of Cuneo, Italy where they were mentioned in the local paper in 1915, and are still grown today.
(capsicum annuum)

Carrot, Nantes Coreless

Beet, Detroit Dark Red

Carrot, Danvers Half Long

Popular deep red beet. Uniform, smooth appearance. Tops make good greens. Brought to America from Europe in 1892.
(beta vulgaris)
Thick 6", medium orange colour, tapered roots. good flavour. good for hard and clay type soils. Heirloom from the 1870s, from near Danvers, Massachusettes.
(daucus carota)
Rich, orange colour. 8-10" long. Uniform shape and size. Heirloom from the 1800s.
(daucus carota)

Leek, Bleu de Solaise

Parsnip, Hollow Crown

Carrot, St. Valery

Bright orange, 8-10" long, fairly uniform roots with rounded tips. French heirloom from the early 1800s.
(daucus carota)
Large roots, gourmet flavour. Leaves become more blue in cool weather.
(allium ampeloprasum)
Large, creamy white, very sweet. 8-12" long. Leave in the ground until after frost for best flavour. Popular in the 1820s.
(pastinaca sativa)

Radish, Philadelphia White Box

Radish, Cherry Belle

Radish, Pink Beauty

Sweet, crisp, round, bright red with white flesh.
(raphanus sativus)
White, round, mild, crisp radish. Sweet when small, spicier as grows. Introduced in the 1880s, was commonly grown in window boxes in Philadelphia at the time.
(raphanus sativus)
Pink, round, tender, sweet and mild.
(raphanus sativus)

Rutabega, Famille Fortin

Turnip, Purple Top Milan

Radish, Purple Plum

Bright purple skin. Sweet, crisp, white flesh.
(raphanus sativus)
Large roots, yellow to purple skin with yellow flesh. Mild flavour. Excellent storage qualities. An heirloom from Cap Saint-Ignace, Quebec.
(brassica rapa)
Round, white with purple shoulders. Tender, crisp and flavourful. Edible tops.
(brassica rapa)

Squash, Baby Blue Hubbard

Squash, Baby Green Hubbard

Squash, Black Beauty Zuchinni

Rich, , deep orange, sweet, fine grained, dry flesh. 6" teardrop shaped fruit. Created in 1953 at the University of New Hampshire from the blue hubbard squash.
(cucurbita maxima)
Fine grained, dry, sweet, nutty, orange flesh.
Hubbard squash have been eaten since the late 1700s.
(cucurbita maxima)
Dark green, glossy skin, crisp white flesh.
(cucurbita pepo)

Squash, Boston Marrow

Squash, Galeaux D'Eysines

Squash, Lakota

Very large, dark orange, pear shaped squash. Dry, fine grained, deep yellow flesh has a sweet, mild flavour. This variety was grown near Buffalo after the Iroquois people travelled through the area and distributed seed in the 1830s.
(cucubita maxima)

Large, round, flattened squash. Skin matures to salmon pink colour and develps brown warts over the surface caused by sugar swellings in the skin. Thick, smooth, sweet, bright orange flesh. French heirloom. Good storage squash.
(cucurbita maxima)
Round, 6", bright orange squash, streaked with dark green. Flesh is light orange, fine grained, and of medium thickness. Flavour is sweet, a littly nutty. Grown by the Lakota Sioux people.

Squash, Sweet Dumpling

Squash, Vegetable Spaghetti

Squash, Triple Treat

White skin with dark green stripes. Small fruit has the sweetest orange flesh.
(cucurbita pepo)

Medium sized pie pumpkin. Flesh is bright orange, sweet. Seeds are special as they have no shell if baked, very thin shell if raw. Uniform size, good for jack o lanterns.
(cucurbita pepo)
Flesh is stringy like spegetti. Can be eaten raw or cooked. Good storage squash.
(cucurbita pepo)

Squash, Zuchinno Rampicante

Long, curved or curled with light green stripes on very pale green skin zuchinni. Smooth, tender flesh, small or large size. Can also be stored and used as winter squash, skin turns beige (as shown in photo), and flesh turns a pale orange colour.
(cucurbita moschata)

Tomato, Amana Orange

Tomato, Ananas

Tomato, Apricot

Large, round, orange tomato with bright yellow-orange flesh. Firm, juicy, full flavour. Heirloom from the Amana colonies in Iowa.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Yellow and red marbled flesh and skin. Sweet, fruity flavour. Succulent, buttery consistency. French heirloom.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Small, 2" fruits are yellow with slightly fuzzy skin. Creamy yellow on the inside. Smooth, light, citrus flavour.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Black Krim

Tomato, Black Prince

Tomato, Bonny Best

Deep red purple colour, medium large, round tomato. Juicy, sweet, sublime flavour. Small seed pockets. Firm, smooth flesh. A Russian heirloom, discovered by soldiers during the Crimean war of 1852, on the Island of Krim in the Black Sea.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Round, deep red with purplish-brown colour skin and flesh. Small to medium size. Deep, rich flavour. Russian heirloom from Siberia.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Scarlet red skin and flesh. Small to medium size, round tomatoes. Very sweet, smooth, firm, delicious. Great for canning. From 1908 Stokes Seeds, Pennsylvania.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Box Car Willie

Tomato, Brown Cherry

Tomato, Charbonniere du Berry

Smooth, red-orange, round, medium large tomato. Uniform shape and size. Good flavour. Keeps will indoors after fall harvest.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Brown, oval tomato with dark green shoulders. Paste type tomato, has little juice. Tall, productive plants.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Champagne rose colour with dark green shoulders. Tangy, sweet, smooth, juicy. Small seed pockets. Heirloom from France.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Cherokee Purple

Tomato, Delicious

Tomato, Cherokee Chocolate

Brick red, round, subtle ribbing on the tops. Smooth, fleshy, juicy. Tart, dark, rich tomato flavour. Heirloom from the Cherokee people.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Dark purple pink blushed skin and flesh. Very large, slightly irregular shape. Rich flavour. Flesh is firm, juicy, with large seed pockets. Grown by the Cherokee people before 1890.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Very large, round, red, sweet, juicy tomato.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Dixie Golden Giant

Tomato, Eva Purple Ball

Tomato, German Red Strawberry

Very large, lovely yellow tomato. Firm, juicy, light, sweet flavour. Heirloom from the 1930s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Medium size, dark purple pink skin and flesh. German heirloom from the Black Forest, brought to New Jersey in the late 1800s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Very large, red, heart shaped tomato. Tart, juicy, thick flesh with small seed pockets. German heirloom.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Green Grape

Tomato, Golden Sundrop

Tomato, Great White

Golden colour, pear shaped, sweet, cherry tomato.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Very large, pale yellow to cream coloured skin and flesh with faint pink blushing. Sweet, fruity, creamy and juicy. Deveoped by Glecklers seedsmen.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Light lime green, oval, cherry tomato. Juicy, sweet tart flavour. Tomatoes grow underneath leaf canopy.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Green Moldovan

Tomato, Henderson's Crimson Cushion

Tomato, Hungarian Pink

Large, lime green, round, slightly flattened tomato. Uniform shape and size.
Heirloom from Moldovia.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Round, red, sweet tomato flavour, reliable.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Very large, irregular shaped, light pink tomato. Tart and juicy. Makes flavourful tomato soup. Hungarian heriloom.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Italian Heirloom

Tomato, Japanese Black Trifle

Tomato, Large Red

Very large, bright red, round tomato. Smooth, tart, juicy flesh. Excellent quality. Italian heirloom.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Squat, pear shaped, slightly ribbed on top. Purplish red colour with dark green blushing on shoulders. Rich flavour. Potato leaf variety. Origins are believed to be Russian.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Large, round, slightly flattened, dramatic ribbing on top. Sweet, rich, old fashioned tomato flavour. Best used in cooking, flesh is similar to a paste tomato. Grown in America in the early 1800s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Lemon Drop

Tomato, Longkeeper

Tomato, Marmande

Small, bright yellow,  round cherry tomato. Sweet, citrusy.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Small, bright red, sweet tomato can be stored in the fall wrapped in newpaper, or plants hung upside down in the root cellar.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Light red, flattened, round, medium size tomato with ribbed shoulders. Succulent, light, tart flesh. From Marmande, France in the 1800s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Marmande Verte

Tomato, Minibel

Tomato, Morden Yellow

Round, medium size, lime green skin and flesh. Intense flavour. Tart, mild, sweet. Small seed pockets, juicy, firm. Heirloom from Marmande, France.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Small, round, red, cherry tomato. Sweet and juicy. Plants are only 12" tall. Bear all summer long. Grows fantastically in containers.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Sunshine yellow skin and flesh. Medium, round, uniform shape and size. Juicy, mild. Developed in Morden, Manitoba in the 1950s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Mortgage Lifter

Tomato, Purple Russian

Tomato, Red Fig

Very large, round, light red with ripply tops. Soft flesh, mild flavour. MC Byles of West Virginia developed this variety over six years. In 1940, he sold plants for one dollar each and paid off his six thousand dollar mortgage.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Plum to oxheart shape. Dark purplish fruit. Rich, dark, strong flavour. Makes excellent ketchup. An heirloom from Ukraine.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Red, pear shaped, cherry tomato. Dries well, whole, like figs, or sliced. Sprawling. large, prolific plants. Italian heirloom from the 1700s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Reisentraube

Tomato, Reisetomate

Tomato, ROMA

Large, red, cherry tomato. Sweet, juicy, tasty. Tomatoes grow in bunches. Transled as giant bunches of grapes. German heirloom grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch in North Americ since the 1850s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Light red, tart, 2-4" tomato. Grows in sections that can be pulled off individually and eaten. Juicy inside each section, but not messy to pull apart. Translation in German is traveller's tomato. Origins in Central America.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Red, oval shaped fruit with thick red flesh. Flavourful, few seeds, little juice. Classic Italian past and canning tomato.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Roman Candle

Tomato, Siberian Red

Tomato, Southern Night

Neon yellow skin and solid yellow flesh. Elongated plum shape. Mild, sweet flavour. Created from the speckled roman tomato.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Small, round, red tomatoes. Will set fruit in temperatures less than 70 degrees farenheit. Russian heirloom.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Very dark red to black colour woth dark green shoulders. Medium size and shape. Potato leaf variety. Heirloom from Russia.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, St. Pierre

Tomato, Striped Roman

Tomato, Vernissage Black

Medium large, deep red colour. Firm, tender, succulent juicy flesh. Uniform shape and size, good for market. Heirloom from France.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Large, plum shaped tomato. Red with vertical orange stripes. Red flesh. Rich and juicy, soft but firm.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Red with dark green stripes, round, large cherry tomato. Very juicy, large seed pockets. From the Ukraine.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Vilmorin Peche

Tomato, Whippersnapper

Tomato, White Rabbit

Small, 2", peach colored tomato. Fruity, juicy. Large seed pockets. French heirloom from the 1800s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Red, pear shaped, tasty cherry tomatoes. Grows well in containers or in the garden.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Cream colored, small, round, cherry tomato. Sweet, tropical flavour. Developed in New Jersey.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

New Tomatoes 2018

Tomato, Amish Paste

Tomato, Cuostralee

Tomato, Meme Beauce

Bright red, block shaped, very large paste tomatoes for cooking. Great flavour. Originally from an Amish community in Wisconsin.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Reddish orange, irregular shaped, large, ribbed tomato. Small seed pockets, few seeds, smooth flesh. An heirloom from France.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Deep pinkish red, very large, rippled tops, irregular round shape. Original seeds were found in Quebec, in an empty house where a garden had not grown in 60 years.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, Montreal Tasty

Tomato, Moskvich

Tomato, Opalka

Medium size, beight red, round fruit. Sweet, fine flavour. Canadian heirloom from Montreal.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Red, round, fairly uniform 3" tomatoes. Smooth flesh, layers of rich flavour.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Elongated, 4-5" red tomatoes. Very dry, firm flesh with few seeds in long, narrow seed pockets. Rich, flavourful, melt right into a smooth, dark sauce. Polish heirloom from the early 1900s.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)

Tomato, San Marzano

Tomato, Wapsipinicon Peach

Red, cylindrical, 4" fruit with thic, dry flesh and few seeds. An heirloom from the San Marzano region of Italy.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)
Golden cherry 1-2" tomatoes. Slightly fruity flavour. An heirloom from the Wapsipinicon River area in Iowa.
(lycopersicon lycopersicum)


Melon, Charentais

Citron, Red Seeded

Ground Cherries, Cossack Pineapple

Round, like watermelon, not as juicy. Pioneers commonly used in preserves.
(citrullus lanatus)
Golden, sweet tart berries grow inside paper husks that fall to the ground when ripe. Plants grow 12-18" tall. Will last fresh in kitchen for many weeks. Can also dry like raisons. Mennonites use for pies and preserves.
(physalis pubescens)
Small, round, smooth, bluish green skin. Flesh is orange, sweet, juicy, succulent. Excellent yields, fairly early until fall.
(cucumis melo)

Melon, Far North Mix

Melon, Noir des Carmes

Melon, Tigger

Small, tennis ball sized fruit. Beige to dark green skin, some smooth, some grooved. Flesh is shades of light orange, fragrant and juicy.
(cucumis melo)
Very dark, nearly black skin turns orange as it ripens. Deeply ribbed, round, smooth. Flesh is light orange, thick, fragrant and juicy. Heirloom from France also known as the black rock melon. Preserved by the Carmelite monks since 1787.
(cucumis melo)
Bright yellow melon with light red vertical stripes. Flesh is cream coloured, fragrant and juicy. Heirloom from Armenia.
(cucumis melo)

Watermelon, Jubilee

Watermelon, Blacktail Mountain

Watermelon, Cream of Saskatchewan

Medium size, 8", round fruit. Dark green skin with very sweet, pink flesh. Fruit ripens end of August, early September. Developed in Northern Idaho.
(citrullus lanatus)
Small, round, 3-4" size fruit. Flesh is pale yellow, tastes the same but a little less sweet than most pink watermelons. Early maturing variety, ripens in mid August. Brought to Saskatchewan by Russian immigrants in the early 1900s.
(citrullus lanatus)

Large, lime green with dark green stripes. Can grow up to 30 lbs. Rich pink, sweet, juicy, crisp flesh. Requires full sun, fruit ripens in mid September.
(citrullus lanatus)



Basil, Lemon

Basil, Lime

Delicate, lemon scented and flavoured leaves. Plants 12-18" tall. Annual.
(ocimum basilicum)
Small, green leaves smell and tast like lime. Plants 12-18" tall. Annual.
(ocimum basilicum)
Local Historic Seeds. Round, thin greens and pale purple flowers taste like onions. Perennial.
(allium schoenoprasum)




Large, rich green, fragrant leaves on large plants 24-36" tall. Annual.
(ocimum basilicum)
Leaves are medium green, flat and look a little like parsley. Unique flavour. The round balls that are the seeds, are the spice coriander. Annual.
(coriandrum sativum)
Local historic seeds. Delicate, fine flavoured leaves. Large flower and seed heads. Annual.
(anethum graveolens)


Parsley, Moss Curled

Thyme, English

Pale green, fragrant, downy leaves on 12" stems. Both leaves and flowers can be used. Spreads as grows. Perennial.
(lavendula officinalis)

Deep green, frilly leaves. Bushy plants are 12-24" tall. Biennial.
(petroselimum crispum)

2-4" tall plants that spread as they grow. Perennial.
(thymus vulgaris)


Baby's Breath

Bachelor Button, Blue Boy

Bachelor Button, Mixed Colours

Single, white, delicate flowers cover stems. Good cut or dried flower. 24-36" tall. Annual.
(gypsophila elegans)

Also known as cornflowers. Small, round, slightly frilly, bright blue blossoms. Flowers on mostly single stems. 24-36" tall. Good cut flower. Annual.
(centaurea cyanus)
Just as stunning as blue alone. A mix of burgundy, white, pink and blue blossoms. Annual.
(centaurea cyanus)




Bright orange and yellow blossoms. Single stems. Cultivated in England since the 1200s, in France since the 5th century. Annual.
(calendula asteraceae)
Delicate daisy like flowers, with fewer, larger petals than a daisy. 24-36" tall. 3-4" flower heads. Pink and white flowers. From Mexico, brought to America in the 1830s. Annual.
(cosmos bipinnatus)

Local Historic Seeds. Large pink, sturdy, daisy like flowers. Perennial. Most perennials require two years of growing to produce flowers.
(echinacea purpurea)

Mallow, Pink

Flax, Blue

Lunaria (Money Plant,
Silver Dollar)

Little, bright blue, cup shaped flowers blossom mid May to September. Annual.
(linum perenne)
White flowers in late spring. Seeds for in round, coin like paper pods in second year. 24" tall. Native to Southern Europe. Biennial.
(scabiosa stellata)

Bright pink flower with trumpet shaped blossoms. Approximately 36" tall.
(malope trifida)

Morning Glory

Marigolds, French

Nicotiana, Aztec Sweet

Trumpet shaped flowers open each morning. Long, climbing vines. Morning glories have been grown in England since the early 1600s. Annual. Available in blue, or mixed (blue, white, pink) colours.
(ipomoea purpurea)
Small, bushy plants loaded with flowers. Plant in your vegetable garden to repel nematodes. Available in orange, yellow, or mixed colours. Central American native brought to Europe in the 16th century, and to the US in the early 1800s. Annual.
(citrullus lanatus)
White, star shaped flowers, several flowers per stem. Releases a sweet fragrance at dusk. Annual.
(nicotiana alata)

Poppies, Icelandic

Sage, Blue Monday

Poppies, Hungarian Blue Breadseed

Mauve coloured flowers. Dark blue gray colour seeds are good for eating. Annual.
(papaver somniferum)
Large red and pink flowers. Strong stems withstand wind and rain for longer lasting blooms. Annual.
(papaver somniferum)

Indigo flowers grow on 24" stems above the leaves. Plants keep growing fresh into the fall. An ornamental sage. Perennial.
(salvia horminum)

Sunflower, Lemon Queen

Sunflower, Russian Mammoth

Sweet William

Multiheaded, lemon yellow, 6" flowers. Plants grow to 8' tall. Annual.
(helianthus annuus)

Over 10' tall. Large golden flowers and seed heads. One flower head per stem. Seeds are approximately one inch long in shell. Easy to shell and eat. Annual.
(helianthus annuus)
Frilly burgundy and white centre, pink and magenta flowers. Plants spread quite a lot. Approximately 24" tall. Mixed colours. Origins in Athens, 1000 years ago. Biennial.
(dianthus barbatus)



Pale purple blossoms hang like grapes. Long, climbing vine. Requires several years of growth before flowering. Perennial.
Long stemmed, brightly coloured, 36" tall, single and double blooms. Mixed colours. Annual.
(zinnia elegans)

Broomcorn, Red



Tassle heads can be used for decoration or to make brooms, or the grains can be eaten. Annual.
(zea mays)
Pretty white flowers. Seeds can be dried and eaten, can also be ground into flower. Plants are good for the soil .Annual.
(fagopyrum esculentum)
Purple or red and white flowers. Native plant that blooms in May and June. Do not eat the flowers. Requires partial shade. Perennial.

Jack in the Pulpit

Painted Mountain Corn

Local wildflower. Requires full shade to grow. Only one leaf grows during the first year. Full plant grows in the second year. Perennial.
(arisaema triphyllum)
Multicoloured kernels on 6' stalks. Can be ground into cornmeal. Bred in Montana from Native American varities of corn. Annual
(zea mays)